⎙ Basic Commands

| /rules – View the rules page
| /playerwarp – Opens player warps menu
| /auctionhouse – Opens auction house menu
| /levels – Opens player levels menu
| /tags – Opens & view your available tags
| /warp – Opens warps list
| /shop – Opens shop to buy and sell items
| /jobs – Opens jobs to join and leave jobs
| /skills – Opens & view your skill stats
| /sethome – Teleports you to your home
| /dailyrewards – Claims your available rewards
| /chestshop – View the chest shop help page
| /bank – Opens bank to deposit or withdrew your money
| /sit – I am chilling!
| /ranks – Opens & view your current ranks tier
| /resourcepack – Fix your resource pack
| /vote – View the vote links
| &b/voteshop – Redeem your vote points

⛂ Economy

| Earn money by getting yourself employed with /jobs join <job> or by completing the server /quests.
| You can also gather materials of any type and sell them in the /shop
| Check your balance whenever with /balance and view global balances with /baltop command.
| You can share the wealth with /pay <player> [amount] command.
| Don’t forget that you also can use Auctionhouse to sell materials /ah sell [amount]!

☐ Land Claiming & Management

| Claim your desired land by using a golden shovel and marking the two diagonal corners of your claim.
| To give a player editing access of your land, use /redprotect addmember <player>
| You can also set your land welcome message using /redprotect welcome <message,off,hide>
| Got stuck and still no clue how to claim a land? or need help? do /redprotect tutorial!

🔥 Chest Shops

| Buy and sell certain items to other players by creating a chest shops.
| Begin creating a chest shop by /chestshop create [price] <item> <amount> you can manage the chest shop by Right-click the shop with an Empty Hand.

★ Levels

| Levels are a way for players to unlock perks and rewards for free by meeting set requirements for each level.

➓ Ranks

| Ranks provide additional perks and commands to players that choose to support the server.
| Ranks can be obtained (ONLY) through the Webstore: ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀᴠᴀɪʟᴀʙʟᴇ