We're closing

At the end of May 2023 we will close the server to the public.

If you have donated to Hamstergames.eu in the past, you will still receive a message from us where we offer you exclusive access to the world, so you don't feel completely cheated!

But don't worry, the donation has already been secured for other projects and will also be used in full in the future for the next projects in Minecraft. If you have any questions, please send me a private message on Discord!

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Now to us

We are Hamstergames, a fairly modern, innovative and above all player-friendly server.

With us you can currently gamble in 2 different game modes!

Of these, one of our game servers is creative. On Creative, you can let your creative traits out and have your areas secured to keep it safe. Unlike Survival, we don't have seasons or other game-changing stuff here! That's why we have cars that you can tear through the streets with. In addition, games have already built many cool things, such as an amusement park.
If you need a little more light, you can give yourself night vision in the menu, which can be opened with "/menu", or just teleport yourself, give you items that you can use when building or teleport to a spot where many players stay.

And then we come to our heart! Survive. You can actually do anything on Survival! From money giants to item giants!
Fish for Rewards, Awesome Playtime Rewards, Daily Rewards, Vote Rewards and much, much more! There is a bank where you can deposit up to 500 million (your money even multiplies!).
Of course, as there is already a bank, a much too cheap shop has also been added to sell your items for pretty much nothing and not much else to buy. Of course, as it should be, we have an auction system on the server so that the players can also buy items that are not available in the shop for much too expensive money. Of course you can also vote by entering "/vote" in the game and you'll get great rewards on top of that.
As is often asked, there are also cosmetic things in the game and there is a great selection under the hood!

If you have any further questions about this, you can always find us in our discord.

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