Chat Rules

1.1 – Avoid harassment:

Do not harass other players or staff in any chat channel (e.g., General Chat, /msg, etc.). This includes all forms of verbal abuse, threats, stalking, and harassment.
Treat all players with respect, regardless of their gender, origin, religion or playing ability.
Avoid discriminatory or offensive statements, whether in text form or by voice.

1.2 – Avoid spam:

Spamming is prohibited in all chat channels. This includes:
Sending repeated messages that fill the chat unnecessarily.
Sending messages in rapid succession that exclude other players from the chat.
Sending strings that make the chat unreadable.
Writing messages in capital letters, which can be interpreted as shouting.

1.3 – Keep the chat adult-free:

The chat should be suitable for all players. Avoid:
Explicit content, pornography and adult themes.
Violent or gory descriptions.
Offensive or offensive language.
Subjects that may cause discomfort to minors.

1.4 – Avoid offensive content:

Avoid offensive content in all chat channels. This includes:
Political and religious discussions that could lead to arguments.
Racist, sexist or homophobic statements.
Hate speech and other forms of discrimination.
Insults and personal attacks against other players.

1.5 – Compliance with naming guidelines:

Your Minecraft username and nickname (/nick) must comply with the rules. Avoid:
The use of inappropriate or offensive names.
Impersonating staff members or other players.
The use of names that infringe trademarks or copyrights.

1.6 – No advertising without permission:

Avoid promoting other Minecraft servers, giveaways, your own social media channels, etc. in chat without prior approval from the staff.
In-game advertising for your own shops or exchanges is allowed, but avoid repeating advertising messages too often.
Make sure your advertising is relevant to the server and doesn’t bother players.

Global Rules

2.1 – No NSFW/offensive buildings:

Buildings with NSFW or offensive content are prohibited. This applies to both signs and written books.
Avoid content that contains sexual references, violence, or hate speech.
Make sure your builds are suitable for all players and don’t offend anyone.

2.2 – Skin Policy Compliance:

Your Minecraft skin cannot show prohibited content such as pornography or violence.
Avoid skins that might offend or shock other players.
Make sure your skin meets the game’s age requirements.

2.3 – Prohibition of impersonation:

Pretending to be a staff member (skin, name, chat messages) is prohibited; this also applies to mini-modding.
Do not attempt to deceive or confuse other players by impersonating a Staff Member.
Respect the authority of the staff and follow their instructions.

2.4 – No Exploitation of Bugs:

Don’t use glitches, bugs, or errors to your advantage.
Report such issues to the server team so they can be resolved.
Don’t try to manipulate the game or gain an unfair advantage.

2.5 – Avoid Laying Machines:

Lag machines, farms, or buildings that cause lag on the server will be penalized. The severity of the penalty depends on the extent of the lag.
Make sure your builds and activities do not impact server performance.
Avoid excessive redstone construction, entity spawning, or other activities that could put a strain on the server.
If you are unsure whether your design is putting a strain on the server, contact the staff team.

2.6 – Misuse of the Rules:

Don’t try to use the rules to your advantage. Finding loopholes or circumventing the rules to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed.
Abuse of game mechanics, bugs, or errors may result in penalties.
Do not attempt to undermine the staff’s authority or circumvent their decisions.

2.7 – No avoidance of penalties:

Do not try to avoid any penalties imposed on you by the Staff. This can lead to harsher penalties.
Do not attempt to switch accounts or use other means to avoid punishment.
Accept responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes.

2.8 – No Client Modifications:

Don’t modify your Minecraft client to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. This includes using hacked clients or other modifications that affect game balance.
Avoid modifications that give you information that is not available to other players (e.g., ray tracing, wall hacks).
Make sure the mods you use comply with server rules.

2.9 – Protection of privacy:

Do not post other players’ private information (doxxing). This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information.
Respect other players’ privacy and do not share information without their consent.
Avoid harassing or stalking players by posting their personal information.

2.10 – No Scams:

No scams involving virtual goods or in-game currencies. This includes barter fraud, griefing and other forms of fraud.
Play fairly and respect other players.
Avoid engaging in activities that could cause harm or loss to other players.

2.11 – AFK Farming:

AFK farming on automatic farms is allowed.
AFK farming, which requires the player to actively intervene to keep the farm running (e.g., by pressing buttons), is prohibited.
This is especially true for farms that mine resources such as wood, stone, or iron.
The purpose of this rule is to ensure that all players have equal opportunities to collect resources.