Please make sure you have selected the correct IP and version!

Our server is version 1.19+ and you can access it at any time with the IP "".

Chunk loaders are offered in 3 different sizes.

The beacon has a range of one chunk, i.e. it loads the chunk by standing itself.

The End Portal Frame loads 2x2 chuks (in each direction).

The Lodestone loads 5x5 chunks (in each direction), making it the largest chunk loader on the entire server.


If the Chunk Loader is mined, it is lost and must be crafted again!

You can earn keys either through events, sweepstakes, rewards, or playtime. You can get every key for free, so buying keys is only optional and is exclusively for the players who either want to support us or don't feel like grinding anything for keys. Optionally, keys can also be obtained from other boxes.

Graves normally stay on the server for 2 years or until they get looted from the player. If you exceed the limit of 24 graves, your items will then drop on the ground and you can not create any new grave.

You can obtain points by winning in crates, playing on the server and claiming rewards. Optional are some giveaways for points on the server on someday and you can obtain those there.

The bank is a point where you can store money and get an interest every 

If you ever manage to get a ban on our server, then you have to farm all your stuff, that is not put into chests again! Your inventory will get a clear, and you lose all your stuff if you manage to get banned.

Our support will reply as soon as possible! Please note that depending on the question, the processing time may take longer.

So be patient


That's good! But please report the bug in our discord or by mail. Otherwise, there is nothing we can do about it.

If you can't reach the server, we ask that you check the status page! Maybe it's just your internet connection or your client, of course it can also happen that the server is offline! If this happens, and it is not known, you should report the whole thing directly in our discord.

If you have found a way to play Minecraft with your VR glasses, we have nothing against it!

If you would like to apply, you can do so in our team at any time! But please open a ticket in the Discord so that we can also accept your application.

When applying, an active playing time is recommended so that we can check whether you even want to do something with us.. There are enough people who only want to damage the servers, and we don't want that! Understandable, right?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to play with the Bedrock Edition on our server. However, we plan to make this possible again in the future.

If you want to redeem a rank, then please open a ticket on our Discord, or email us.

However, this is also possible in the game and should only be used if there is no way to get the rank by mistake.

| /rules - View the rules page
| /playerwarp - Opens player warps menu
| /auctionhouse - Opens auction house menu
| /levels - Opens player levels menu
| /tags - Opens & view your available tags
| /warp - Opens warps list
| /shop - Opens shop to buy and sell items
| /jobs - Opens jobs to join and leave jobs
| /skills - Opens & view your skill stats
| /sethome - Teleports you to your home
| /dailyrewards - Claims your available rewards
| /chestshop - View the chest shop help page
| /bank - Opens bank to deposit or withdrew your money
| /sit - I am chilling!
| /ranks - Opens & view your current ranks tier
| /resourcepack - Fix your resource pack
| /vote - View the vote links
| /voteshop - Redeem your vote points

| Earn money by getting yourself employed with /jobs join <job> or by completing the server /quests.
| You can also gather materials of any type and sell them in the /shop
| Check your balance whenever with /balance and view global balances with /baltop command.
| You can share the wealth with /pay <player> [amount] command.
| Don't forget that you also can use Auctionhouse to sell materials /ah sell [amount]!

| Levels are a way for players to unlock perks and rewards for free by meeting set requirements for each level.

| Ranks provide additional perks and commands to players that choose to support the server.
| Ranks can be obtained by playing on the server or through the Webstore: ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀᴠᴀɪʟᴀʙʟᴇ

/pwarp <warp> - Teleports you to the player warp.<br>

/pwarp set <name> - Set a warp at your location.<br>

/pwarp remove <name> - Remove the warp.<br>

/pwarp removeall - Remove all your warps.<br>

/pwarp description set/remove <warp> <description> - Set the description for the player warp.<br>

/pwarp list - List your player warps.<br>

/pwarp open - Open the GUI.<br>

/pwarp amount - Check your amount of warps.<br>

/pwarp icon <set/remove> <warp> - Set the warp icon.<br>

/pwarp category <warp> <category> - Add the warp to an category.<br>

/pwarp rate <warp> <rate> - Rate the warp.<br>

/pwarp cost <set/remove> <warp> <cost> - Let the player pay you money when the warp to you.<br>

/pwarp rename <warp> <name> - Rename one of your warps.

W E R B U N G / A D V E R T I S E M E N T