We're closing!

At the end of May 2023 we will close the server to the public.
The reason for this is the declining number of players, which are now at 0 almost every day!

Not only took it long development time, but also much motivation just to see it fail that quickly after a short period of time. As it took nearly 1 year to create as I did it alone. It is for me very sad to see it fail, and I don't have the time to make more things for the server, as it if very time-consuming.

My life plans have changed a bit and I can't afford it to only bring content and don't even get players for more than about 6 weeks. At this time, I am going from the technical diploma (Fachabitur) and I will have hard times coming for myself, so it is too hard to do minecraft stuff every day after a long school day.
Maybe I will create a survival server again in the future, but then with a better team and not all alone again. Just for the notice, the people which donated until the end of May will get something as a return as this server closes.

At the time of creating the minecraft server, I also worked on the website to become that, what it now is! That was also a huge time-consuming thing, especially when you have to look at the Front-End-UI as it is the most important thing on a website, the only thing that is even more important than that, is the security of the site.

Hamstergames.eu will belong to another project in due course and will merge with another network to ensure the future!
Further questions regarding merger will be announced in a timely manner in the event of a collaboration.

If you have donated to Hamstergames.eu in the past, you will still receive a message from us where we offer you exclusive access to the world, so you don't feel completely cheated! But don't worry, the donation has already been secured for other projects and will also be used in full in the future for the next projects in Minecraft. If you have any questions, please send me a private message on Discord! (Like, you can see on my portfolio).

If there is capacity, the world will also be available as a download on our website, but we cannot promise this! However, if this happens, there will be a corresponding note with a download button on the start page.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Portfolio from Hamster